What to Expect At Your First Massage

October 28, 2023

Getting your first professional massage can seem a little daunting. You may not know what to expect or how to prepare. Here are some tips to help make your first massage experience relaxing and enjoyable.

How do I prepare for my first massage session?

  • Hydrate and avoid heavy meals beforehand. Being well-hydrated will help your muscles relax. Don't eat a heavy meal right before your appointment, as this can make you feel uncomfortable lying down.
  • Arrive early. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to your appointment. This gives you time to fill out any paperwork and use the restroom.
  • Communicate with your massage therapist. Let them know it's your first massage. Provide any relevant health information and let them know if you have any problem areas you want them to focus on. Don't be shy about speaking up during the massage if you need more or less pressure.

What is normal to wear during a massage?

  • For a full body massage, most people undress to their undergarments or use a provided towel or sheet to cover up. Your comfort level is important, so wear what you feel most relaxed in.
  • You'll remove your clothes privately and lie on the table under a sheet. The therapist will only uncover one area of your body at a time during the massage.

How much clothing do I take off for a massage?

Most people undress to their undergarments for a full body massage. This allows access for the therapist to massage your back, arms, legs, etc. If you prefer more coverage, you can leave your undergarments on or use the draping sheet to cover areas you want private. Your comfort comes first.

Do you turn over during a massage?

Yes, at some point during the massage, the therapist will ask you to turn over so they can address the front of your body. They will provide privacy when you turn over and make sure you are comfortably covered.

Is it rude to not shower before a massage?

It’s perfectly fine to show up for your massage without showering immediately before. However, do avoid applying lotions or perfumes right before your appointment, as this can interfere with the massage oils. It’s also best not to arrive with sweaty, dirty skin from exercise or yardwork. Your therapist wants you to be relaxed and comfortable.

Should I shave before a massage?

There is no need to shave your legs or underarms before a massage unless you want to. Your therapist is there to work on your muscles, not judge your grooming habits. Do whatever makes you feel most at ease.

Do you get under the blanket for a massage?

You will be provided a sheet or thin blanket to stay covered up during your massage. The therapist will only uncover one area of your body at a time, such as your back or leg, during the session. You can leave your undergarments on under the blanket if it makes you more comfortable. Your therapist wants you to feel safe and relaxed.

Do I talk during the massage?

Feel free to talk with your massage therapist if you want, but most people prefer to simply relax quietly during the session. The therapist will communicate with you if they need feedback or want to check if the pressure is comfortable. Don't feel obligated to fill silences - you can enjoy the massage without conversation.

Do I tip the therapist after the massage?

Tipping your massage therapist for their service is customary. The standard tip amount is 15-20% of the total massage cost. You can either give a cash tip to your therapist end of the session or add it when you pay if you tip by credit card. Tips are not required but are always appreciated.

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