Relaxing Hot Stone Massage Therapy in Southington, CT

Muscle Relaxation

As you lay face down on the massage table, warm stones are placed gently on your back over trigger points or high tension areas in order to relax the muscles before the massage therapist begins more hands on work. The use of heat has been used for decades in order to decrease muscle tension, ease stiffness, and alleviate soreness. When your tight muscles are finally able to relax to full capacity, so are you.

Pain Relief

Hot stone massage is an invigorating, non-invasive alternate that assists in pain relief without added soreness to the muscles. These warm, basalt stones are an effective technique for targeting areas of chronic pain, muscle tension, freeing up areas of scar tissue, or helping an injured body part recover. Hot stone massage is also beneficial for clients who experience chronic or autoimmune pain. 

Improved Circulation

When the body had poor circulation, there is a build up of fluids and lactic acid which causes muscle tension and leads to fatigue. During a hot stone massage, the moist heat from the stones penetrated deep into your connective tissues causing blood vessels to expand and open resulting in improved circulation throughout the body ultimately giving you more energy and less muscle tension throughout your body.

Hot Stone Massage

When you experience a full body, hot stone massage with our warm, basalt rocks, you will feel total relaxation and the melting away of muscle tension. The benefits of a deep tissue massage are enhance by hot stones which are smooth, and made of basalt rock chosen for the ability to retain heat. Stones are heated in hot water, placed on specific area of the body, and used by your therapist while massaging to get deeper into the muscle without added pressure.
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What to Expect

At Southington Therapeutic Massage, we like to provide all of our clients with the option to end their sessions with a five minute hot stone massage in order to promote further relaxation and melt away muscle tension throughout the body. However, numerous clients opt for a full hour or 90 minutes of a hot stone massage therapy due to numerous benefits provided such as intense muscle relaxation, pain relief, improved circulation, stress relief, and improved quality of sleep.

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Hot stone massage therapy treatments are considered safe practice, however, there are certain precautions to take if you have specific conditions. Please consult your healthcare provider before receiving a hot stone massage if you:

-Have a bleeding disorder or take blood thinners
-Are pregnant
-Have had a surgery in the last 6 weeks
-Recently underwent a fracture or have severe osteoporosis
-Have a low platelet count
-Have diabetes
-Have recent burns on your skin or any open wounds
-Have a history of blood clots
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