Relaxation Swedish Therapeutic Massage in Southington, CT

Stress Reduction

Research has proved that when you receive a Swedish therapeutic massage that in addition to deep relaxation, there is a reduction in stress hormones leaving you with improved mood and a decrease in stress from your massage.

Pain Management

Swedish massage has been proven to reduce pain for individuals who are suffering from chronic conditions through a relaxing, full body approach.

Improved Range of Motion

When you receive a Swedish therapeutic massage, there is an emphasis on working to release muscle tension and stretching in order to provide your with improved flexibility and range of motion at your joints.

What is Swedish Relaxation Massage?

The primary goal of Swedish massage in Southington is to provide full body relaxation. The therapist uses long, kneading, and fluid strokes over the muscles to ease tension. Pressure can be light, medium, or firm depending on your preference. This type of massage calms the body and the mind, increases circulation, and strengthens the immune system. The benefits of Swedish massage include assistance in pain management, increases blood flow, increases flexibility, and reduces stress for clients.
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Benefits of Swedish Massage

  • Pain management: Swedish massage has been proven to assist individuals in pain management who are suffering from a chronic condition such as sciatica, or arthritis through a more holistic approach. 
  • Increased blood flow: When you experience long, stroking patterns during your Swedish massage, your therapist is directing blood flow to the heart and thereby increasing circulation in order to efficiently distribute oxygenated blood to the body and filter out toxins.
  • Increased flexibility: During the massage, your therapist works on releasing tension and stretching your muscles which in turn provides you with greater flexibility at your joints.
  • Reduced stress: The goal of a Swedish therapeutic massage is ultimately, relaxation. Research has shown that massage doesn’t just melt away stress but, it contributes to lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. In addition, serotonin and dopamine (feel-good hormones) are increased during and after your massage.

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