Rejuvenating Cupping Massage in Southington, CT

History of Cupping Massage

Since 300 A.D., cupping therapeutic practice has been used in Chinese medicine, however, cupping began being used consistently in 1950s when the effectiveness of cupping was starting to be confirmed and more recognized. In Chinese medicine, pain is the result of congestion, stagnation, and blockage of Qi, or vital energy, vital lymph, and vital blood flow. Therefore, cupping is a method of breaking up the blockage to restore the body’s natural flow of energy. Most recently, cupping massage has grown in popularity through public attention such as celebrities like Michael Phelps and Gwyneth Paltrow who have shown off their cupping marks. In addition, research is more readily proving the effectiveness and benefits including reducing pain intensity and providing short-term benefits.

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What To Expect 

At Southington Therapeutic Massage, we use silicone or plastic cups placed over target tissue areas to lift the tissue and release muscle adhesions and restrictions. Cupping massage creates a vacuum which draws your skin, muscle, and fascia into the massage cup and provides a negative pressure or pulling sensation to your skin, muscles, and fascia in contrast to the more common deep tissue massage which is a pushing or positive pressure. Your therapist will glide the cups over your skin or place them precisely to remain stationary on trigger points or areas of excess tension. The cups release rigid muscles, create lymph flow and blood circulation, drain fluid and toxins by pulling them to the surface for an overall detoxifying effect on the skin, circulatory, and respiratory system. Your body will benefit from improved muscle elasticity, decreased inflammation, improved immune health, and total relaxation.

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Amazing Benefits of Cupping

  • Increases blood flow in muscles which is an important aspect of muscle recovery and decreasing muscle tension
  • Increase lymph circulation making metabolic processes more active and effective
  • Sedates the nervous system
  • Decreased blood or Qi stagnation thus decreasing pain
  • Helps to release trigger points in muscles which are pulling on tendons and ligaments which are causes of pain. Releasing trigger points allows muscles to elongate and thus allows for full range of motion for motion of joints
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite by activating circulation in that area and breaking up fat deposits
  • Eliminating varicose veins (spider veins) by bringing in new oxygenated blood and eliminating the debris of old blood, inflammation, and swelling
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Cupping Massage Aftercare

Many have heard that clients can have red marks on their skin after a cupping session. These marks are not bruises. Bruises happen when there is an injury to the muscle and bleeding in the tissue occurs. Contrary, red marks from cupping are due to sluggish circulation in the tissue and a build up of waste products. This stagnant blood or stagnant “Qi” (energy) is what is brought to the surface with cupping. The darker the skin reaction is, the more congestion there is in the tissues. The red marks disappear after a few days and are not painful. Clients report feeling an increase in range of motion and feeling lighter and relaxed.

Be sure to drink plenty of water in order to allow your body to flush out toxin and debris released during the massage

Benefits of Cupping Massage





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